The MCC thing of the week is a collectable that is a disturbing cross between a character from Pirates of the Carribean and Planet of the Apes.  It is a fine example of an ornament made from a coconut shell, because we all dream of owning decorations made from coconut shells.



A runner up is a call back to a few weeks ago when we suggested an item for those looking for a lady friend.  Today we give you the male equivalent.  Here is the perfect male companion.  He is willing to sit forever and listen to your stories, stare into your eyes, and enjoys having his hair done.  He will never argue or say anything discouraging and never, ever pass gas despite his blank expression indicating otherwise.

For anyone needing a boost of self-esteem or to enhance their public image may we suggest a used trophy from their vast collection.  No matter what sport you aspire to play but simply aren’t good enough at to earn your own trophy they have one available for you.  Why spend thousands on lessons and gear when you can just buy a trophy?  Even if you dream of racing snowmobiles there is some hardware for you.

The last highlight this week is a stuffed Wile E. Coyote stuffy, that is either a counterfeit or has been left in the desert sun so long has turned a pinkish hue from the harmful UV rays.  Shoulda used some sunblock.  Wile E. also seems to be sporting a rather constipated countenance.


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