Here is a fun video that features some of the lighter things about Portage la Prairie.

If you are from Portage then you’ll understand most of the video and you likely point with your lips.

You might be from Portage if…

Feel free to comment below and give us your list of what makes Portage different.

Here is another Portage related video highlighting the craziest election promises we could find.  Bring back The Albion, Racetrack, and Drive-Inn?  What about a strawberry season that lasts all summer or E.R. express passes?

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  1. Kary (Larkin)

    That was a blast from the past!!! Although I think jumping over a bonfire should have been on the list! And how could you leave out the Spring Fling and that bar with the big Coke bottle across from the Co-Op??? I drank so much there that I can’t even remember the name! But the memories…. Haha! Kary Odiatu (Larkin)

    • Shane Neufeld

      Hey Kary, great to hear from you! Club West! I remember Luba putting on a concert there – I have no idea why that memory stuck but I find it hilarious. Nice to hear from you – it’s been a while.

  2. Kari (Johnson)

    That was great Shane! Watched it with my daughter and telling her some of the stories behind them! Lol!

  3. Tricia Nicks (Paterson)

    Mano’s … oh how I still yearn for a pizza pita done right.
    Super fun video.

  4. corinne

    Another item that was missing from the video is that the 2 rail lines CP and CN meet in Portage la Prairie and no where else in Canada!

    • Darrell

      Actually, I think the CN and CP mainlines cross in Winnipeg too. But other than Plap and ‘Peg, nowhere else.

      • William Plenty

        Really? There’s this meme that Portage is the only place. Do you know where in Wpg?

      • Darrell

        It looks like I was wrong. After tracing what looks like both CN and CP mail lines it looks like they do not cross in Winnipeg. They get close to each other where they cross the Red River, and the are many spurs and branch lines that cross each other’s main.

      • William Plenty

        Thanks for looking into that. A lot of people reference the uniqueness of this crossing “The Diamond”. We even use it as one of our symbols on the HnH Facebook page and Youtube page. I was worried we would have to dump it. Thanks again.

  5. Linda

    Hey Shane didn’t you work at Bonanza? Apparently although I am not from Portage I spent far too much time there growing up as a lot of this brings back so many memories

  6. Bart

    You might be from Portage if you rode your bike into town to go to DQ from the best neighborhood to grow up in…The Peony Farm!

  7. Twyla Jaworski

    Growing up in Portage, no mall, no cable TV, stores closed at 6 & Mondays, only had to dial 5 numbers on the phone to call a friend, as they all lived so close you never went anywhere alone. The most exciting thing for teenagers to do was Friday night Roller Skating at the Curling Club in summertime. Being a small community every girl had the opportunity to play on the school volleyball & basketball team-even me at 5’1″.

  8. MW

    You might be from Portage if you called McDonald’s Sporting Goods “Duncan’s”, and that where you bought your candy & comic books. That’s right, you got your candy & comic books from the sporting goods store!

  9. Marilyn

    We toured our niece and her boyfriend from B.C. around Portage two weeks ago, and either spoke or went to most these venues!!! Too funny.

  10. Richard Gallagher

    This is great. Although I moved away in my mid teens, I see that things still haven’t changed much. Gets me missing Sonny’s store by the tracks.

  11. Richard Gallagher

    Snowboarding at the dump, watching 10 movies from Hutlet’s in a weekend, biking to Tricky’s to play Hit the Ice, Sonny’s corner store for junkfood, head out to the Diversion for a swim. It’s been a while, but this brings back memories…

  12. Tania White

    Great video Shane! I will have to show this to my husband because he’ll get a kick out of it. He has only lived in a large city so he gets a chuckle out of these things. The “Hoop and Holler” still makes him laugh especially when he heard the reporters talking about it on the national news during the flood.

  13. the real shane

    great video shaner, miss hutlets greasy meat cooker. Such found memories. but you left out pankos and the old 8th street corner store
    cheers from quebec,

    • Lisa

      That was my dad, Allan Braden, who built that store. Thanks for remembering it. He’s been gone 13 years now.

  14. Darrell

    Other haunts and memories of growing up…
    – playing pachinko in the pool hall that used to be a theatre.
    – playing pool at Mandrakes, kind of kitty corner to McDonalds (sporting goods).
    – Calling Portage ‘Plap’, or ‘P la P’.
    – way back, before the bypass, all of the long weekend traffic had to go through town. And then there would be a train or two crossing both the CP in the west and CN in the east. Traffic jam of semi’s and trailers and farm trucks.
    – skating on Crescent Lake.
    – the original bus depot/bowling alley/pool hall, kind of behind Hills Drugs and across the street.
    – grilled cinnomen buns at the Safeway Lunch counter
    – the original Dairy Queen across from KFC and Sev.
    – Haircuts at Denman’s barber shop. Scalp massage, 25 cents! My old man would tell Bob that I needed the ‘fast look standing still’.
    – Fun Festival on the Lake in the winter and that particular smell of old-school snowmobile race exhaust.
    – Air Shows at the Base.
    – Salamandars! I was just home last week and saw one on a late evening walk. We used to see and catch thousands.
    – the old swimming pool by the bridge to Island Park.
    – the togoggan slide on Island Park.
    – long gone outdoor rinks – West End, North Side, South Side. I think only Koko Platz remains.
    – Sterlings Gasoteria.
    – The Albion Hotel has to be on the list too. Mothers rejoiced as it burned down.

    • Alex

      Dedications on CFRY , “Where a thousand watts sounds like a million”
      16 oz Pepsi’s at Victory Grocery
      Swearing Joe Kaiser, JOjO, Tokyo Rose and the rest of the gang

  15. Brad Harding

    I played for terriers in mid seventies grew up in Elm Creek but part of me will always call Portage home What was pizza place by bus depot called ?? On corner 1 block north of bowling alley I think? Brad

  16. Lynne Scott

    Many great memories made me sort of homesick. I remember speed boat races on the lake in summer. and dare I mention one vote Henderson. and Greenburg’s grocery store. The drive inn movies and beach parties at delta

  17. Karen

    Yellow submarine u bake pizza! Timmy Dance! And I second club west! I worked at the A frame daycare on the main drag owned by the Lucas’s

  18. Lorraine Kehler

    I was in foster care in the 70’s in Portage. I went to an elementary school near Koko Platz ( can’t remember the name, then to PCi. A staple of Portage was the Albion and a guy named Chocolate Bar! I still go to Portage because my dad lives there. He likes the quiet life there. Thanks for the video!

  19. wesley esau

    lived in portage for 9 years now ,still trying to get the hell out of here ,for some reasons it keeps me from leaving

  20. Gail

    What about A&W ? The store the. Happening Then when the Met store burnt down portage has lost a lot historical buildings and businesses

  21. Benji M.D. Hawkins Rustulka

    I remember the Elevator Fires ..just by our house .. Mr Bs on 8th pow survivor &his wife England’s first pilots in ww2. ..the small houses that were stores before the corporations, Harold’s elementary @ cfb Southport , propagandhi @ the Legion , the bowling ally that got torched before the chicken coops went up right after Mellonville was surrounded by koko platz …the dumb that turned hill …old bridge road with a bridge , the rubby tub behind billys shop ( old cement building ) playing in sports before Manitobah park had a giant hill & the alibian where brains shop is . Hutlets store and riding the full pipe but especially the years @ the old westcos before it became platform

  22. Benji M.D. Hawkins Rustulka

    Liquor store & Gun store on the same corner . Only place in Canada other than the USA you’ll find . Just like sociables it met the same fait as the bowling alley across from the old Co op stood (sobeys)..& club west is cnd tire …Safeway is the library the other is a truck stop and everything is owned by those we used to fight against under battery 13 / DND/DOD cfb Southport where Astronaut Hadfield got his wings from mom is now Stevensons Airfield under Aerospace with level 1&2 NORAD NATO training most got torn down . The PMQs are RED RIVER CAMPUS Along with PLAPs first school


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