This weeks Ripples Art Group photo essay is on wood turning master Gary Little. Take a look.

Gary Little demonstrating "piercing" at Ripples Art Show

Gary Little demonstrating “piercing” at Ripples Art Show

Gary and Gerry (soon to be profiled) had just returned from the Arrowmont School in Gattenburg Tennessee where Gary learned some interesting techniques. There he learned to combine turning, carving and the addition of layer upon layer of colour with a “mouth atomizer”. Essentially this is a device where you use your mouth to create a human airbrush for the application of the colour.

Check out these Stemmed Goblets. An ultra delicate procedure combining turning and piercing.

Here we see some of Gary’s signature pens. We learned that it’s not all wood. He’s turned pens made of acrylic, corn cobs, alabaster corian and beef bone.

Some custom turned pens.

Some custom turned pens.

If you would like more info on Turning or are looking for that special customized item, drop Gary a line at

For more info on the Portage la Prairie arts scene or any of the Ripples artist visit them at

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