The Hoop & Holler went dumpster diving behind City Hall and found a stained napkin with a list of rejected town slogans from the recent quest to find a new town tag-line.  We thought we would bring the completely ridiculous slogans to light so our viewers could have their say on whether “City of Possibilities” was the best choice.  Let us know if you would like City Hall to consider one of the options in the future.


1.  “Get Fried In Portage”


2.  “We Let The Dogs Out”

The answer to the question; “who let the dogs out” in honour of our local hockey team.


 3.  A Piss Stop of Possibilities

In reference to political campaigns of years gone by


 4.  Take a Plop in PlaP

To encourage travellers to enter town to use the facilities and spend some money.


5.  “What’s that smell?”

From the odour of potatoes frying that can smell like mini-donuts, to algae in the lake, to spring blossoms and canola fields not to mention the Waste Water Treatment Plant aka “The Soup Factory” Portage boasts more smells than seasons. Perception is everything, with a little help from our friends at Campbell’s maybe we can change the sensory perception of our visitors and passers by.


 6.  “A Land of Dikes and Diversions”


Four men on a dike.

Every second or third spring we become an epicentre of interest due to high water levels on the Assiniboine being pushed north to make high water on Lake Manitoba.  Debate and threats will rage over of the cutting of the Hoop & Holler bend and the over use of the diversion and the cry for better and bigger dikes and diversions will go out only to be forgotten until the next flood.

 7.  “We Left – Bet You Can’t!!”

we are the only place to separate from Canada.  In 1867 The Republic of Manitobah was established.


8.  “We Got A Lake!”

Tell visitors we do have a lake.  The main drag and by-pass avoid contact with the lake and the absence of significant promotional signs make Crescent Lake invisible to most visitors.


 9.  “WTF – We The Farm!”

Nuff said for a town with three radio stations – two of them are country.  We also are the Ag. service centre to some of the best farm land in Canada.


 10.  Where 1 & 16 Doesn’t equal 17

Both Trans-Canada highways can be taken just a few miles west of Portage at The Junction.


 11. “Sorry about that!”


Because we find ourselves apologizing to visitors all the time.

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