Chester the City Hall Mouse Almost Catches a Thief

by Chester the Mouse

I was just sure I was gonna get me a big fat reward.

I was all alone on the second floor of City Hall, just mindin’ my own beeswax, when I hear this scuffling around the north windows. So I go investigate. What do my beady eyes see  through the window but a thief! Two thieves, in fact. Cleaver rascals, they were, too. First they stole the City’s bucket truck, then they used it to hoist ‘emselves up to the second floor where they could bust a window, sneak in, and take off with every valuable thing in the ol’ castle, most of all my cheese stash. Well, this here mouse wasn’t about to stand fer that, nosirreebob. I was gonna catch ‘em no good pot-lickers with my own bare paws! But first, I got out my camera and snapped their pitcher so’s I could show the police—just in case they got away on me. Yep, them thieves sure were smart, breakin’ inside in broad daylight with several staff inside so no one would suspect a thing. Guess they never figgered on the sharp and shrewd mouse who was even smarter.

I kept snappin’ pitchers. Then the thieves did the oddest thing. They was hangin’ some kinda shiny tinsel stuff on the outside of City Hall. Was it explosives? Boy oh boy, was I ever gonna get me a nice reward for handin’ em over! But then all that glittery stuff kinda distracted me and before you know it I musta fell into some kinda trance. What a dirty trick! When I came around, the thieves was gone. But the fancy glittery stuff was still there and it kinda looked like words. I can’t read backwards, though, so I had to work it out with a mirror. “Season’s Greetings” it said. Wonder if that’s anything like “Merry Christmas?”

Silly thieves. If you’re gonna rob City Hall, you should come up with a sneakier plan, if ya ask me. Not that anybody’s askin’.

All for this time,


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