This fall, Portage la Prairie elects a new Mayor and Council along with School Board Trustees. To be eligible to vote, citizens need to be added to the voters list and informed where their particular polling station is located.

IMG_0278To get this done, various enumerators go door to door in the months leading up to the election to register everyone.

The Hoop and Holler caught up with one of the Election Enumerators, Bob Wood while making his rounds.

Bob explains that its a very simple process and the information gathered is confidential and not used for any other purpose. Only Basic information is gathered and you are given a record of the transaction.


“One guy swore at me and threatened to let his dogs out”

Most people understand  and are happy to be able to participate in the democratic process of choosing government. However there are those that seem, umm, confused,  when the enumerators come by.  Bob tells us that some people slam the door, threaten, or are just rude when approached. “There are people in other countries who have fought and died for the right to vote, and here some people are just indifferent and I find that just astounding” .

MVI_0277-posterOn the other hand, some people are very friendly and receptive, with one couple inviting him in for dinner during his rounds. “That was the highlight of this experience so far”.

This is about helping decide who governs.  It’s not some conspiracy or marketing gimmick, so when Bob or some other enumerator comes by, don’t be scared, sign up and have your say in who runs our town.


Election day is October 22, 2014

We’re all in this together.

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  1. Karen Gross

    We won’t sic our dog on the enumerator, anymore than the mail man or the courier guy – our dog just loves anyone who rings the doorbell. She has almost been in the Fed Ex van a couple of times.


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