A friendly Portage Enumerator.

A friendly Portage Enumerator.

The Voters List

Now that fixed the temperature on the City Hall clock (you’re welcome), you’re probably wonderin’ why there’s a nasty hole where it used to say “City Hall.” I’m looking into it, but my theory is it’s to let the wind through. Since we are the city of possibilities, well…it’s possible.

On to a more important matter. I know some of you have been visited by what is affectionately called an enumerator. Now, when I was a mousling back in field school, we were taught cypherin’ and I was perdy good at it, too. That’s why I know that enumerators are the opposite of denominators, only more important. That’s why they come to your house in person. But I have a bone to pick with them enumerators. They’re putting people on an important list called the Voters List and they tell me I don’t make the cut.

What the heck? I’m as upstandin’ a citizen as you’ll ever find. Why, I even live at City Hall, for Pete’s sake. Actually, my dad’s name was Pete and I don’t live here for dad’s sake. It’s just an expression. I live here cuz they don’t let cats in. So it’s more for my own sake.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. The voter’s list. They tell me I’m too young. You have to be 18 to vote. Well, I’ll be a rat’s wrinkle. I never heard of a mouse who lived beyond three! Although there was my great-great uncle Zebediah. Rumor has it ol’ Zeb hung on to age seven, but that was never substantiated. And even then, ol’ Zeb would have been turned down by the enumerators.

Ain’t fair, I tell ya. I got my rights. I got my opinions about who would and wouldn’t make a good mayor or councillor. I should get my say, don’t ya think? If you’re 18 or older, have lived in Portage for at least six months, and are a Canadian citizen, make sure you get your name on that there list! And then, after you vote, would you do me a favour and lobby to get the voting age changed to six? If I work out and eat right, and if I inherited Uncle Zebediah’s genes, I might still be around for the next election in 2018. Thanks in advance.

All for this time,



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