Chester the City Hall Mouse Addresses the Issues

There be somethin’ new in the ol’ municipal office: a whole row of easels set up with canvasses on ‘em. I figgered it was an art show. I’m a dabbler in art myself and a fairly sophisticated critic, if I do say so. I took a gander at all the paintings after everyone went home for the day.

Turns out they were “revitalization” designs for downtown Saskatchewan Avenue. Imagine that! Well, I studied them things but I can’t pick a favourite. Can you? You can take a look at them yourself on the interweb—just click HERE for Sask. Ave. com!

Now I’ve heard some folks askin’ why Council is spending money on downtown when the west end of the avenue needs so much work. That’s a mighty fine question.  I’ve overheard enough conversations to know Council would love nothing better than to fix up the west end, but there’s a ton of expensive work what needs doin’ underground first—water and sewer lines and stuff like that there. No point makin’ the shoulders and sidewalks all pretty and then rippin’ them up to put down new pipes. My brother Ned lives in the sewers at the west end and he can tell ya himself. They need upgrades! But there ain’t enough money for all that.

This is where Ned and me disagree. He figgers they should leave the ol’ sewers undisturbed so he doesn’t have to move. I love my brother, but he don’t have a head for infrastructure. He’s not what ya’d call a forward-thinking mouse such as myself. If ya ask me, the really sexy projects like sewer pipes should come first. Not that anybody’s askin’.

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