Here’s this short video of a pair of Robins bringing lunch to a few of the newly hatched. The father Robin gets in between the babies and the camera for a little bit.  He didn’t take direction very well.  Have a look.

Some interesting information on Robins

  • they have 2-3 broods a year
  • only 40% of their nests will produce young
  • incubation of eggs takes 12-14 days
  • babies stay in nest about 13 days
  • only 25% of young will survive until fall
  • average lifespan of a robin is 2-6 years
  • some robins have lived for more than 13 years
  • they eat fruit and insects(esp. earthworms)
  • after they migrate for winter roosts can be up to 250,000 birds

If you find a baby robin hobbling about it most likely doesn’t need saving.  They can’t always fly well when they leave the nest and their parents can be watching from some distance away.  They continue to feed and care for the young even if they are not immediately present.

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