Sightings from the Top: The Pound Puppy

by Terrie Todd


On my walk to work last Friday, I saw a young girl walking a dog over the Tupper Street bridge and wondered if it was “take your pet to school” day. As I continued to follow, I realized the rambunctious young animal was not on a leash. It bounced all around the girl and out onto the street once or twice. Didn’t she know she could get a ticket for not having her dog leashed?

When she reached the Lorne Ave. 4-way stop, she carried on while the gangly pup was distracted by the trash bins. Then suddenly, he decided to take off after her across the street and came horrifyingly close to getting smucked. The girl screamed. My hand went to my heart. The dog was still bouncing. The girl looked back at me, removed her ear buds, and said “I don’t know whose dog that is!”

A driver stopped and asked if the dog was mine. “I’ll pull over and see if I can get him in my car,” she said. Instead, the pup found a chained-up dog to tangle with and the girl was screaming again. The pup broke free and darted dangerously across the street toward us again. The woman was rummaging in the back of her SUV. She had a leash, but no collar. I tried lifting the dog, but he was heavy and wiggly and yelpy and I am not a dog person.

I decided to carry on to work. The pup decided to follow me. Friendliest mutt I’ve ever seen. I thought if I could just get him to City Hall, that’s where the animal control officer is. But how on earth could I get him safely across Saskatchewan Ave. with no leash? Well, it didn’t matter because when I got to Saskatchewan Ave., he took off down the sidewalk in the opposite direction and I lost sight of him.

By the time I told Animal Control, they’d received a call from someone at the Provincial Building and they had a dog in custody. Once the dog was caged at the pound, they emailed a photo back to me to confirm that it was the same critter. Poor little guy, locked up like a criminal. But after seeing him nearly lose his life at least twice, I was glad he was safe. Sure hope his people have claimed him by now.

You can check out impounded pets on the City’s website here: City of Portage la Prairie Animal Control

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