The Hoop and Holler cameras captured a strange and growing phenomenon in Portage retail advertising. The inflatable spastic dancing men seem to appear overnight designed to hypnotize and attract would be customers to spend their money with local merchants.

This green dude was cutting a rug outside the Portage Mall and attracted shoppers by the pairs if not half-dozens. The Mall hadn’t seen so much traffic in years and additional security had to be enacted to protect the world headquarters of The Hoop and Holler Media. Portage la Prairians under the spell of the seductive green dancer were pounding on our door asking if they could buy our new line of designer fashions. The promotion was so successful HnH is now sold completely out save for a few grey t-shirts.

A big thanks to JS Furniture for erecting the inflatable dancing dude to whom we pay homage to in the our latest video.

We hope you enjoy!

Here is some more Portage fun!

And some more!

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