By Karen Gross

Wow, I Live Here!

When I was a kid, growing up in land locked Steinbach (which is a total misnomer – “Stony Brook” – there isn’t even a creek there), we would go camping almost every weekend to get near water.

There is something about water that soothes the soul.Puppy

My hubby and I moved to Portage la Prairie almost 26 years ago. For the last seven of those years we have been living on 18th Street SW.

Between walking our dog Brandi (photo attached), our daughters’ roller blades, and my pole walking, we have pretty much worn a groove into the Crescent Lake path.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt still hits me almost every time I walk the half block to Crescent Lake that I live here! Okay, it’s not quite ocean view living, there is no beach here, it isn’t fit for swimming, and technically it isn’t even a real lake (I think the correct term is an ‘oxbow’ lake), but it is beautiful and I live here!


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