In 2011 the flood on the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba was referred to as a one in 300 year event.  Now, three years later, the Province of Manitoba is preparing for another similar event.



The Portage Diversion is ramping up to maximum capacity and more.  The north end of the channel has had the west dike cut to divert the excess water into farmland just short of Lake Manitoba.  The army has been called in to help flood protect home and shore up dikes like in 2011.  And the Hoop and Holler bend is being prepped for a controlled breach in the coming days.

Our cameras made the trek from The Portage Diversion at the Assiniboine to Lake Manitoba and bring you a synopsis of the water situation to date.

The Province is predicting flows at or higher than 2011 so the impacts of this years flood could surpass the last go around.

Flood protection is in full gear on Lake Manitoba and in the path of the Hoop and Holler breach.


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