If you have never played darts but have been to a social then you might be qualified to enter the 2nd Annual Oakville Dart Tournament in support of their rink.  Even though Newton claims they “rule” (Newton Rules), Oakville has always set the bar high when it comes to community spirit and friendliness so it’s no surprise they are putting some “fun” into fundraising with this event.  But let’s not get into an argument over 331 superiority today.IMG_1255

This years tourney runs Friday, June 27 at the Oakville Rink starting at 7pm.  All you have to do is show up and random partners will be selected to keep things fair and fun.

The $20 entry fee gets you a chance at the cash prize for the winners but, more importantly perhaps, is the fact there is a beer garden on site as well as a canteen to keep arms lubricated and bellies full all night.  Organizer, Jess Brooks, tells us they can take up to 80 players so it wouldn’t hurt to give him a call at 204-803-6621 to register ahead of time, but if you don’t get around to it just show up at the rink Friday and they’ll set you up.

They are using traditional darts and all the rules will be discussed just before the start of the event.  If this happens in the beer garden the rules may get a little creative but it’s likely no one would care.  There will be a dart 50/50 game for cash money and the whole night promises to be a social/good night.


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  1. Karen Gross

    I have never played darts but I have attended many a social. I thought that just meant that I may be from Manitoba. I have also played Knipspracht (approximated Plauttedeutch spelling) but I don’t know the rules to curling.


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