A regular viewer of The Hoop and Holler came upon a mysterious sight at the compost depot in Portage la Prairie’s north end.

Pants with no peoples at the compost pile

Pants with no peoples at the compost pile

A pair of lone pants were found abandoned just north of the piles of leaves and debris. Sitting next to the denim jeans was a lone tennis ball.

The common theory is that a local dumper must have lost their pants and ball while at the compost piles.

Some residents believe the aliens who may have been responsible for the missing house on Eighth Street may have also abducted the unsuspecting dumper and left their pants behind along with a used tennis ball.

Others are surmising that the pants may have been freed in one of the recent wind storms sending the dumper home bare bottomed and embarrassed.

Of course with the compost dump located in the north end it is important to point out many residents refer to pants as pantses. This term does not always indicate several pairs of pants as it can mean just one pair of pants.

A common use of this phrase is “Have you checked your pantses for your wallet?”

If you have any information regarding the loss of these or any other pantses please contact The Hoop and Holler immediately at thehoopandholler@gmail.com.

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