The Hoop and Holler is happy to introduce our latest regular feature “I Travel Naked”.  A local Portage la Prairian and his wife caught the travel bug early on in life and share some of the stories and recipes from their journeys.  So if you have an interest in travel kick back and enjoy this feature.

Buenos Aires

Sunday afternoon at San Telmo Barrio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Al O’Neil

And So it Begins.

I’m not prone to nostalgia, or long moments of reflection.  But, having been given this opportunity by the good folks at The Hoop and Holler, I find myself glancing at the rear-view mirror.

Buenos Aires Plaza

Dancing Tango in a Buenos Aires Plaza

My wife and I have been travelling for over twenty years.  We travelled “independently” long before “indie travel” graced the lexicon of the English language.  Long before it was in vogue, trendy or hip.  We began traveling independently for one reason, necessity.  The choices of travel, way back then, were “all inclusive”, or independent.  At the time, we were eking out a living with a lower middle-class income.  And with that, the dreaded two-week allotted annual vacation.

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Those budget restrictions forced us to source out the least expensive mode of travel; find points of (our) interest, cheap-eats, and accommodations that didn’t involve multi-legged room-mates.  The reflection in the rear-view mirror is not always pretty, but it does bring on fond memories.

We’re older. Our budgets have changed.  So has travel.  The types of travel have broadened with the scope of interest.  There is now indie travel, agro travel, Eco travel, sex travel, resort travel, adventure travel, volunteer travel….. Travel is now without any doubt a multi-billion dollar industry.  Our budgets may have changed, but our approach to travel has not.  It’s no longer necessity, we’re just cheap.

It is my intention that in the future we’ll re-visit places and faces of past trips.  Share recipes and food experiences; some warnings and “heads-ups”.  Whatever the topic or road we go down I hope it’s interesting, informative, but most important entertaining.

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  1. Karen Gross

    Anything you post with the word ‘naked’ in the title gets at least 10 times the clicks. I have tested this theory, and it does work.

    It helps that when people click on your title, they get something fun and informative, even if it’s not what they were expecting.

    • Shane Neufeld

      Great point Karen. Stay tuned for more posts with the word Naked. Naked.


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