Is Chester camera shy?

Is Chester camera shy?

 The Hoop and Holler is excited to introduce another regular contributor to our loyal viewers, Chester the City Hall Mouse.  

Once a week or so, Chester will bring us fresh insights from behind the scenes at City Hall with a new perspective.  

Portage la Prairians have accused City Hall of harbouring rodents in the past, but this correspondent promises to sniff and scratch out unique stories from the halls of power.  

Here is the first instalment from Chester.


When your name is Chester, and you’re a field mouse, you get teased a lot growing up. That’s why I moved to town just as soon as I could and became a city mouse. A City Hall mouse, to be exact. Now and then, my relatives from the country come visit for the weekend, but I always make them go home Sunday night. After all, City Hall opens at 9:00 sharp Monday mornings, which means the staff shows up at 8:30. Most of them are of the female persuasion, too. You probably know what kind of ruckus a buncha females can make when they see a mouse. So I’ve learned to keep myself outta sight, but my out-of-town family members haven’t quite figured that out yet. So I send ‘em home before things get ugly.

Now that I’ve become accustomed to town life, I’ve got things pretty darn good here. During the week days I lay low, but nights and weekends I have the run of the place… from the dusty ol’ third floor where ancient mysterious records are kept, right on down to the dungeons. There are two of ‘em, you know. The south dungeon and the north dungeon. The north one is where the City Hall staff go for their coffee breaks, so that’s generally where I gather my vittles. (That’s “food” for those who don’t speak field mouse. Occasionally, I slip back into my unsophisticated ways). I can always find muffin crumbs, snippets of fruit or cheese, sometimes a bit of granola or crackers. Now and then, I hit the jackpot with a whole Timbit. Then it’s party time for ol’ Chester.

Anyhoo, I figure on making City Hall my stompin’ grounds for life and as long as I keep my wits about me and stay away from them traps, my little old life won’t get cut short. And since I have access to more’n a dozen computers, I figure I’ll take up story-telling in my spare time. Beats watching You Tube. Stay tuned.

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  1. Al O'Neil

    Welcome to The Hoop and Holler contributors. Look forward to your next piece.


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