Warning:  the following story will liberally substitute the alternative word for donkey for comedic effect, some readers may be offended others may enjoy and laugh freely and some may not find it interesting at all.

This is Murphy.   He is a miniature donkey which technically makes him a small ass and he resides with his owner, Sue Legault, between High Bluff and Poplar Point.

Murphy has been known to be a bit of troubled donkey as he likes to sneak out to visit with the neighbour’s ass just down the road.

This type of behaviour has resulted in Ms. Legault receiving several calls of concern to say her ass is wandering the countryside.  Ms. Legault is not sure if Murphy is a bad ass or a clever ass for figuring out new ways to get out of the fence but she has been heard calling him a dumb ass when he misbehaves.

Murphy’s wanderlust and displays of affection for Ms. Legault’s Llama named Dolly (Dolly the Llama), and Chilli the Horse along with the neighbour’s donkey prompted her to try and sell the animal.

Efforts to sell the small, young ass online surprisingly only prompted one serious but low-ball offer.  According to experts on the subject these types of animals can go as high as five-hundred dollars.

With no legitimate options to sell, Ms. Legault has decided to have Murphy gelded to take a little of the wind out of the ass and limit his ambitions.

Murphy came to Ms. Legault as a gift and the ass was hauled to her acreage in the back of an S.U.V. from his previous home on a petting farm.  Yes folks, this ass is quite fond of people and likes to be petted.

The ass is named after Eddie Murphy who was the voice of Donkey in the Shrek movies and is the butt of many jokes.


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