Some Like It Hot

by Chester the City Hall Mouse

There’s one thing I figgered out perdy quick livin’ at City Hall. Ya can’t count on the temperature anywhere in the place. When it’s hot in the front offices, it’s freezin’ in the back offices and vicey versa. If it’s cold downstairs, it’s cookin’ upstairs. In the summer, everybody’s freezin’ except when they’re not. In the winter, it all depends on who might be havin’ a hot flash on any given day.

Now me, I stay nice and comfy most of the time cuz I chill out if it gets too hot and I snuggle down in my nest to wait out the cold. But those gals that work here are a hoot. Like I said, I figgered it out quick but some of them’s been workin’ here for twenty, thirty years and still don’t know how to dress for City Hall weather. They deserve what they get. Come in their little sundresses and sandals, they do, even when the AC is blastin’. I heard one of ‘em say just the other day, “we wait all winter to wear our pretty summer clothes and then we have to go and bundle up in sweaters.”

Well, boo hoo.

What they don’t know is it’s me what’s messin’ with the equipment. I figgered out how to lower the temperature without actually going near the thermostat, and I’ve got ‘em all stumped. All for the sheer joy of entertainment. Yessiree. I get me some mighty good laugh mileage outta watchin’ them little ol’ gals fuss around. One turns the AC up, the next one comes along and turns it down. Another one turns on a little heater under her desk when she thinks no one’s lookin’. Another one has her own personal cooling fan. Just to add to the laughs, sometimes folks come in from outside and say, “It sure is hot in here, isn’t your AC working?” and then the very next person through the door says, “Woah, it’s cold in here!” Well, I laughed so hard when I heard that, I just about got myself caught. But laughter’s good medicine, and a mouse has gotta do what mouse has gotta do to stay healthy. Mischief is my middle name.

All for this time,



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