Well one of The Hoop and Holler’s most popular segments is returning in fine form.

We toured the aisles of the local MCC Thrift Store and captured some outstanding cultural artifacts.


First up is a pair of colourful, yet practical Winnie the Pooh socks.


And if you are looking to dress it up a bit for a night on the town, why not combine the socks with these stylish heels.



The MCC’s silent auction is always home to collectables and here we have a full E.T. display you can bid on.



Keeping with the movie theme we have perhaps a one of a kind item. Who could resist a Shrek TV complete with decorative ears. Be warned, the ears are not intended to be used as a handle. The Shrek TV would go nicely with a previous post about a donkey named Murphy. Perhaps its a match made in Hoop and Holler heaven?


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