Well the crazy train we at The Hoop and Holler like to call the “MCC Thing of the Week” chugs along with a boxcar full of fun.

The MCC Thrift Store in the vibrant heart of downtown Portage la Prairie is always the temporary host of treasures – here are just a nibble of the nuggets.

First up is a newer item that has volunteers and staff questioning. This small ceramic dish is for something specific (we just don’t know what) so drop us a line if you know.


Next is just a sample of the many lamps for sale. This one stood out as it reminded me of one an elderly aunt once had. I think it could only be improved if it had a fish mouth holding the bulb.


Another item in the wazzit category is this metal frying pan-like object. So if you have a clue don’t let us stew! Add a comment and let us know.


And here is a classic game Crossfire that is touted as the “Fastest rapid-fire action game ever!” I’m glad they clearly stated that because there are so many rapid-fire action games out there. I had no idea which one was the fastest.


This final item speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want this on a cold winter day. I think if a gentleman was bold enough to wear this….uhh…hat he may start a fashion trend. Please let us know if you see a dude wearing one! I think I might go back and buy it for Billy’s Christmas present.



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