Portage la Prairie has a lot of places to go when you have to go.  HnH visited some of our city’s most used washrooms available to the public and did a random sample as to how things stacked up.  Here is the photographic results of what we found.

If you can identify the location of all these restrooms you could win a Raise & Save Coupon book crammed packed with hundreds of dollars of savings at Portage retailers.  Just be one of the first five people to email us and correctly identify all these washrooms and you can win.  Winners and locations will be announced next week.  Email info@thehoopandholler.com with your entry.

Here is the list and some hints:


1.  While some gas station washrooms get a bum rap some are more than pleasant.  Here’s a room complete with a painting  you can enjoy while dropping a muskie or creating your own work of art.

2.  Some people use the bathroom as a reading room.  Here’s one complete with a power plunger for those large loads that are silent but deadly.


3.  You don’t have to go underground to go in this well-kept depository.  These artists are known for their six, nine and twelve inch works.


4.  Here you have a nice place to po-op when you have to go at the …..


5.  For those who are as regular as their morning coffee.


6.  Many people complain our government is full of sh@! well in this photo it might be true.


7.  Kings often have deposits of gold in their castles.


8.  At the end of the rainbow’s golden arches you can sometimes find a pot of gold.


9.  No one will C. U. P.  here, even if you miss the centre and hit the floor.


10.  If you need gas and are in a hurry and have to go fas, this washroom offers a fold down table to eat your lunch on while you go.






If you can identify all 10 bathrooms send us an email to info@thehoopandholler.com and if you are one of the first five people to do so correctly you will win a Raise & Save Coupon book worth $25.  Next week we will announce winners and reveal the locations.


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