Today, November 5, was “Take Your Kid to Work Day”.

Well, PCI Grade 9 student Jake Kostuchuk’s parents, are both teachers (actually his Mom is a VP at Ecole Arthur Meighen).  Regardless, that’s a boring day for a student, getting to go back to school. So his Dad pawned him on of us here at The Hoop And Holler to learn about…not sure… something.  Oh yea, media awareness and content creation.  Since Jake is quite the guitar player and can edit a little bit, we thought perfect, free labour.  Wait, did I say that out loud.

Anyway, Jake brought his Cigar Box Guitar. It’s a real Cuban cigar box crafted by Mike Snowden in Marietta, Georgia, USA.


Jake plays a modified version of Mike Snowden’s Chicken Coop Blues so without further adieu, The Portage la Prairie Mall Blues.

See more of Jakes’ work at  JakeEliot YouTube Channel

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  1. greg

    Wow, talented young fellow. I listened to his music, I read the story. Sometimes you have to read between the lines, pick out words and names and not necessarily in any particular order. I picked up on 3, Jake, Eliot, and blues. What did I come up with, but Jake and Elwood Blues. It’s a story about two brothers that want to save an orphanage that they grew up in. Jake and Elwood have to raise money so the old church won’t be torn down They make a plan to have a concert to get the money. I will say no more. Rent the movie, “The Blues Brothers”, Jake, there is some good tunes in it, quite funny, and not nearly as crude as some movies of today, circa 1980, I think. My favorite part is when they go to a bar, that plays two kinds of music, country and western, and the brothers end up singing the opening song for the t.v. show Rawhide, I think you would laugh yourself silly, maybe inspire yourself to learn “ropemup”. lol. Say hi to your Mom and Dad for me.


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