If I Had a Bell

The big ol’ bell at the top of City Hall used to ring at 9:00 in the morning, callin’ the children to school I guess; 12:00 noon, to let everyone know it was lunch time; 6:00 in the p.m. – time to get in fer supper; and 9:00 pm – time fer this mouse to be hittin’ the hay. That ol’ bell hasn’t been ringin’ the last couple of years, and this mouse set out to learn why. Seems to me if yer a bell, ya ought to ring.

Turns out dear ol’ City Hall used to be a post office. In 1960 when it was converted to City Hall, the former city hall, built in 1881, was demolished. The Portage City Bell (which used to grace the old Fire Hall) was then relocated to its own tower atop City Hall where it remains today. However, it quit ringing when deemed unsafe by some structural engineer. Too bad. I liked the way it used to make the whole building vibrate. If I was sleepy enough, I could snuggle down at the first ring and be asleep before the last gong.

So I climbed up there to the top of the place and found the rope to pull. I grabbed on and pulled with all my might. Unfortunately, Mighty Mouse I ain’t. That ol’ bell wouldn’t even budge. Not a smidge. Somebody heavier’n me is gonna have to make that thing gong. Meanwhile, I’m gonna round up a few hundred of my relatives fer a family reunion and old-fashioned bell-pullin.’ If we work together, I’m sure we can get it to gong, at least once. You’ll know when we succeed.

All for this time,



Is there a hunchback involved in this mystery?  Read this story to find out.  Sightings from the top spots shadowy figure

Here is a video story done in 2011 on the bell.  The plan then was to have it repaired.  Perhaps we need to find a new home for it and get it ringing again.

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