Since before the construction of the PCU centre, there has been this notion that it favoured certain parts of town over others by it’s proximity.  Not central enough and so on.  We thought we’d take a musical ride around and see how these myths stacked up and which part of town is closest.  Watch the video to find out how far and how long it takes from the Northwest, Northeast, Mellonville, Westend and Eastend.

Come for the ride:


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  1. No car

    Now, what you should do is re-do the video walking in 30 below or 30 above or pouring rain with a kid or two in tow b/c that is the reality of some people in Portage. Things are only central or close if you have a car in this town.
    And, while we’re at it, the PCU Centre is only accessible if you are able-bodied and/or have the money to use its services…or if they are free (e.g. skating) have skates and a ride there.

    • William Plenty

      Absolutely. Good point. With the town spread out and services so far apart, it begs the question of why there isn’t even a modest public transit system in place, or at least in the works.


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