Recently released, “Shake It Like It’s Saturday Night”, by Doc Walker, is taking the country charts by storm and is packed full of Portage la Prairie references.

Our hometown boys have cranked out a summertime, country-rock anthem that will be thumping half-ton speakers across the land and rockin’ the midways of country fairs all summer long.

What will jump out to Portage la Prairians are the Portage mentions and the fact the song seems to be written from a Portage teen perspective.


“Our music speaks to the pride we have in our roots…” Chris Thorsteinson of Doc Walker in studio.

“Our music speaks to the pride we have in our roots, and the gratitude we have to the fans,” says lead singer Chris Thorsteinson on the bands website, “and that is the most important thing.  At the end of the day, all we want to do is write a record that we love, and that we know our fans are going to love and want to sing along to.”

As with any art, much can be left to interpretation, but here are a few lyrics that seem to be speaking about Portage.

“Hiding in the tabernacle parking lot” – little doubt this is referring to Highway Tabernacle.

“Here the boys are talking tough out in KoKo Platz” – Portage is the only place where there is a suburb with such a unique name.

“Look’s like we’re gonna take a trip across the tracks” – classic portage divide North End vs. KoKo Platz, harkens back to the days of community club hockey where North Side, West End, South Side and Koko Platz would square off.

“Chase a prairie fire down the road” – Portage is well know for it’s Prairie Fire volleyball program.

Click and have a listen or watch the lyric video and enjoy.  Lyric Video Shake it like it’s Saturday Night by Doc Walker  or audio Shake it like it’s Saturday Night Doc Walker Audio

One solid suggestion of the bands website via Twitter is to have the song used for Hockey Night In Canada and we couldn’t agree more.  If you think this is a good idea let HNIC know and don’t forget to request the song from your local radio or satellite station.  Or even better, buy a copy from wherever you normally purchase music.

“Shake it like it’s Saturday Night” will be one of the songs on Doc Walker’s brand new studio album that will hit store shelves this summer.


Shake It Like It’s Saturday Night


by Doc Walker


We wanna drink baby we wanna fight.

Shake it like a Detroit saturday night.


Up and down the main street struttin’ our stuff,

We were looking for action not looking for love.


Hidin’ in the tabernacle parking lot,

Share a warm six pack with the headlights off.


Here the boys are talking tough out in KoKo Platz,

Looks like we are gonna make a trip across the tracks.



Shake it like it’s Saturday night.

Shake it like it’s Saturday night.

Shake it like it’s Saturday night.



Million dollar boxes lined up in a row.

We go knock, knock but they pretend nobody’s home.

But we can hear ‘em inside callin’ the cops,

So we shout through the door, “Is that all you got?”




We’re out to cure the Tuesday blues,

And we don’t need any better excuse

Cause we can bring a small town to it’s knees

On any given night of the week.


So on your mark, get set, let’s go!


Chase a prairie fire on down the road,

An’ show ‘em all how to do it up right.

And shake it like it’s Saturday Night!



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