Anyone travelling down highway 331, affectionately referred to as The Hoop and Holler, will have noticed the small hamlet of Newton has come out with a bold statement.

No one will admit to it being a marketing campaign or a political statement but all centres around Newton have been put on notice.

Nestled between Southport and Oakville, Newton has decided to no longer live in their shadow or that of the big city of Portage la Prairie. It’s official that NEWTON RULES.

The Hoop and Holler (the internet version) hit the beat to find out what makes this little place so confident.

We started at the local post-office, a small hut on the edge of Postmaster Scott Ferguson’s driveway.
He told The Hoop and Holler with a chuckle, “It’s definitely the people.” During the flood that thankfully never was this spring, Ferguson tells tales of neighbors helping neighbors sandbag. “The kids love it here too,” Ferguson adds when pressed on why Newton rules.

According to Canada Post the official name of Newton is actually Newton Siding which refers to the rail siding that sits in town.

That siding used to include a spur to the lumber yard that made the town famous a couple decades ago.

And like many towns the rail line divides and defines the town, splitting into a north-end and south-end. The rail line was also able to act as a dike to keep potential flood waters to the south end of town this spring.

This nice little hacienda and many just as nice make up Newtons South-side.

This nice little hacienda and many just as nice make up Newtons South-side.

One of Newton’s biggest employers is Newton Enterprises where HnH stopped in to chat with owner Brad Dick. Business must still be doing fine as he was too tied up going to the bank to get his picture taken and say hello.

The friendly staff at Newton Ent. did tell us the charm of small town living is what makes it a great place to live and work.

To the north end of town is the other major employer in town, Manu-fab.

In the spirit of small town friendliness the maker of building components tells HnH that they often work on projects with Newton Ent. employing 17 people in the process.

Manu-fab Marv came out to give The Hoop and Holler a hearty Newton welcome. We asked him if there was any rival gang activity between folks in the north end of town and those in the south. “No we don’t have any problems. Everyone helps each other.” Most folks we spoke with feel the hamlet is crime free.

This rural utopia boasts lots for development for anyone interested in moving to the oasis of awesomeness.

There isn't much to buy in Newton but there is lots for sale.

There isn’t much to buy in Newton but there is lots for sale.

Traffic doesn’t seem to be an issue with only two traffic control devices.

The rail crossing arms signal trains but most people in town seem to ignore them if no train is coming.

The stop sign marks Newton’s busiest intersection.

Heck we even found Newton’s public transportation service. Although it was parked and nobody was inside.

Newton's Magic Bus.

Newton’s Magic Bus.

Who can argue with the statement Newton Rules? We did pick up some underlying rivalry with Oakville and an air of superiority when comparing the two places.

“We kick Oakville’s butt! Newton Rules…Oakville drools.” said a resident not willing to be identified out of fear of reprisals from Oakville. The resident did go on to say further additions to signs may indicate his feelings about Oakville. He was last seen heading east on the 331 with the letters “d-r-o-o-l-s” under his arm.


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