Sightings From The Top:  Striking it Rich on Skyline Bridge

by Terrie Todd

One thing I did not expect when I started walking to work over the Tupper Street overpass was that it would become financially lucrative. But I was wrong. Last week, I found a quarter and a nickel on the same morning. You bet I picked them up! I figure I’ve crossed that bridge roughly 300 times in the last year. That amounts to one thousandths of a cent per trip. Just a few days later, I found a dime, increasing my average take by 16 ten-thousandths per trip. But don’t quote me on that—I’m no math expert. I’m of the opinion that math should grow up and solve its own problems, frankly.


But back to my found money. I began to consider what I could accomplish with my 40 cents. Hmm. Not enough for a stamp. Or a beverage. As I pondered, I wondered why that car kept getting bigger. Then it hit me. Why, I could park my car downtown for an entire 48 minutes! (Unless, of course, I chose to park on Saskatchewan Avenue, where parking comes at a premium. Along the avenue, I could park for just 15 minutes with the quarter. If I tried putting my leftover dime and nickel into the meters on the avenue, I would lose the coins but not gain any parking time. The meters along the avenue are elitist meters who prefer loonies and toonies.)


But, since there’s plenty of free parking downtown and I’m usually on foot anyway, I considered another good use for my loot. 40 cents would pay eight days’ worth of library fines. But since books are renewable with just a phone call and I generally read them within their two-week allowed borrowing timeframe anyway, our local library probably won’t be getting a piece of my overpass pie.


Guess I’ll hoard it awhile. Maybe I’ll keep all cash found on the overpass in a special overpass piggybank and save it up for something special. I’m open to suggestions.

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