Mark & Yanara Peters, still smiling in the face of the flood of 2014

Mark and Yanara Peters are the third generation to take over the family farm that, unfortunately for them, is located next to the Portage Diversion and Lake Manitoba.  Each time the water levels get too high on the diversion and then the lake, the Peters are on the front-line of flooding.  HnH cameras caught up with the pair to see how they were doing and how the farm was holding up this time around.  It was just three years ago they were hit last and this year’s summer flood caught them off guard.  They had hoped this would be the first good year since the last flood but, like the weather, things have turned and they and others are looking at flooded fields and hoping that is as bad as it gets.

Watch this interview and footage of the Peters and their farm in a Hoop and exclusive.

Here is a link to a feature story we did a while back on Yanara Peters as well. Yanara Peters Feature Story

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