Ciara Dawn Latendresse and Bill ‘$2 Bill’ Miles

As they rode the wind into our area so did they leave.

But before they left, the Hoop and Holler cameras rolled on one of their busking performances in Portage la Prairie.  Click on the photo above to enjoy a farewell tribute.

According to their host for the past several months, Carol Gerbrand, Ciara Dawn Latendresse and Bill “$2 Bill” Miles took flight for the heart of the great glowing west on March 24, 2014.

The couple famous for their music and ability to live with pretty much just the clothes on their back, have pressed on for their ultimate goal of B.C.

With their sudden evacuation, Gerbrand was unable to have a proper good-bye.  She enjoyed them living in a teepee on her property south of Rossendale, Manitoba, and like a surrogate mother, Gerbrand, worries about them as they push on to their final destination.  Gerbrand heart beats for hospitality, and she will miss her long-term guests but adds, “there is always soup on for anyone who comes by.”

Last fall the Portage Daily Graphic did a great story on the couple and how they live last fall.  Check it out here: Ciara Dawn and Bill $2 Bill Miles

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