Elusive Oakville Poker Star Training World’s Best Player?

Facebook photo of Daniel "Preston Meier" Negreanu working on new style.

Facebook photo of Daniel “Preston Meier” Negreanu.

Unconfirmed sources have provided unsubstantiated reports that a man who looks like world renowned poker champion, Daniel Negreanu, has been spotted in Portage la Prairie.

Fictional sources claim Negreanu is in town to learn a new poker strategy from a reclusive Oakville area card player named Sammy “Stone Face, Loose Hands” Haxton.  In his youth, Haxton perfected a strange technique and convinced unnamed members of the Blight family to bankroll him. He then went on to make a fortune in the casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo before retiring into seclusion around Oakville.

Haxton’s style is described as an “exposed” approach and is said to lull opponents into a false sense of security until they become victimized.  The Hoop and Holler obtained a rare photo of Haxton using his unique strategy.

Some have accused Haxton of possessing telepathic powers enabling him to read his own hand while exposing it to his opponents.  Experts claim he must employ special skills or “powers” that allow him to win while letting others see his cards.

Sammy "Stone Face, Loose Hands" Haxton displaying his "exposed" style.

Sammy “Stone Face, Loose Hands” Haxton displaying his “exposed” style.

Opponents have been known to lose focus while laughing at Haxton allowing “Stone Face, Loose Hands” to have the last chuckle. Some poker historians have claimed Haxton would hide aces in his trademark sweater giving him the unfair advantage of sweater pocket aces he would pull out while other players were laughing at him.

The secretive Haxton declined our request for an interview but is rumoured to be mentoring Negreanu in a secure room deep inside the Herman Prior Centre.  Despite Negreanu not wanting word to get out about his association with Haxton, many expect him to employ the newly learned strategy at an upcoming tournament.

Negreanu may be operating in the Portage area under the alias of Preston Meier.  A fabricated source claimed, on a warm summer’s eve, on a train bound for nowhere Negreanu met up with Sam Haxton.  He told him, ‘If you’re gonna play the game,boy, you gotta learn to play it right.  You’ve got to know when to expose ‘em and know when to show ‘em.  Know when to walk away and know when to run.”


Sammy "Stone Face, Loose Hands" Haxton shows off sweater pockets

Sammy “Stone Face, Loose Hands” Haxton shows off sweater pockets





*While the above story is fiction, the photo is courtesy of the Caddy Haliday Archive at PCI and is real.  If you know the real story behind the person in the photo please let us know because we’d love to share it.  The calendar on the wall behind this gentleman appears to read 1947 or 1967.


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