One Little Duckling All Alone
by She Who Walks With Sticks (aka Karen Gross)


Went for a walk this morning and greeted some friendly PlaPers. Some of them said “Good Morning” before I did. By this somewhat scientific-sounding research conducted on my morning walks, I can say with all of the credentials of one who taught eighth grade Social Studies twenty years ago, that Portage la Prairians are friendly people.

They are also people of great compassion. I met a mother and daughter on the crescent this morning who were trying to rescue a lost little duckling. Serena Suderman and her daughter had found this wee little runt close to Dominoes Pizza, on the corner of 18th Street and the Avenue. They took it to Crescent Lake and tried to get it to go in the water, but this little duck seemed to be afraid of the water. It took off running in the opposite direction. The Suderman family finally had to give up. Just as well, I suppose. The poor little thing would probably not be strong enough to fly when it is time to migrate.

They tried. We can’t save them all.


Here is a video of a family who was escorted from downtown to Crescent Lake earlier this summer.

And here is the full story.  Great Duck Walk Story  and here is Karen Gross’ earlier response to the original story. Eight Little Ducklings in a Row

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