The civic election in next week. One issue that seems to not be really on many of the candidates radar is crime. There is a little bit of talk. But not much. One only has to look at the candidates Facebook/web pages or the pamphlets that were bombarding our mailboxes this week. They will tell you exactly what their priorities/ accomplishments are. Their words.

There was an interestingly timed feel good headline over at Portage Online about crime being down in Portage. Aside from the possible error about numbers: “Property crimes were down to 334 in 2014, from 419 in 2013. Meanwhile the number of prisoners lodged was down quite a bit, to 334 during the last quarter, from 419 during the same period in 2013″.  Odd that they are the same so it’s probably a typo. It happens. Regardless, here’s the LINK as of October 17th at 10:00 PM.

If these numbers are accurate, and they represent 1/4 of the year (July to September), quite reasonably extrapolated out to a full year… well, you get the picture.  A lot of crime for a town of 13,000 people.

Speaking of statistics, here is a link to a STATSCAN report.


Now this was of course 3 years ago.  But did anyone realize how bad things were?  Why isn’t this a community/election priority? Take a look. It is quite shocking where we rank.

On that note, here is a link to a Prince George, BC news source with the 2013 numbers: Prince George media on top crime in Canada  This is, in part, how our community is judged from the outside… at least by those that are paying attention.  Yes, things are improving a little bit, but we’re still in the top 10. For all of Canada.  That seems like a serious issue.  It’s odd that over the last few terms  this wasn’t given the kind of attention the numbers would appear to warrant.  Maybe STATISTICS CANADA is wrong, but probably not.

Why the general silence in this election season around  this issue?

Crime apparently isn’t an issue in Portage la Prairie. Everything is fine. Feel good.

The data seems to be pointing a different way.

Oh well. Crime’s not an issue. No ones talking about it.

Here a link to the City of Portage Website: City of Portage la Prairie Public Safety Page   Scroll down to Police Services for some detailed info.

By way of comparison, here is how Morden disseminates policing data to its’  population:  Morden Police Service Media Release Page




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  1. Steve Ash

    Fighting crime takes money and community involvement. Both topics are off limits. No one wants to spend the money and no one wants to get involved. :O Did I type that out loud??

    • al

      Hey Steve, do you have data that substantiates your claim that lack of funding is contributing to the high crime in Portage? Are you sure that the community’s lack of involvement has not been mistaken for a community that has not been fully informed to how serious the problem really is? I do not see these topics as “off limit”. What I see are candidates that are not willing to address the fact that crime is very high in Portage. As a candidate, Steve, what are your policies and your plan of execution to address this very serious problem?

      • Steve Ash

        I also have some concern about reporting of accurate numbers. I plan to have the numbers audited, By a local entity, that is not involved with city hall. With accurate numbers, I would address the problem areas. Perhaps increased patrols in the higher crime areas.

  2. greg

    Quite truthfully, I don’t think there is much we can do on a localized level. There is a lot of very outstanding members in the community of Portage, but it seems in the last odd years Portage attracted a higher percentage of well, not so community minded individuals. Could we pass a local by-law, strike three and you are out? Is it possible for young offenders, we could cane them? I think it was until the 1920’s there was gallows at the, then provincial jail, in fact, according to some resources, there is three unmarked graves on sight. Is there is far too many do-gooders in our judicial system? Once a individual has broken our laws , should we be saying” sorry you are property of the judicial system, and you have broken our laws”. For as long as you are serving your sentence “YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS” Gee, that all does sound kind of course doesn’t it. It almost seems to make jails a place where you don’t want to be! But it defiantly worked in the past in our country, and still does in others. Unless you get a couple of hundred good townsfolk, armed with pipes and baseball bats, start at one end of town, and work your way to the other, and every individual that you classify as undesirable, you tell them to leave, and if they come back, then you show them what your tools are for. MY GOSH! That’s horrible! But that is how communities have dealt with undesirables in that past, and guess what? It worked. Our problems with crime has nothing to do with council, or the R.C.M.P. or our jails. It’s our Judges and Lawyers that are running our judicial system, that we as taxpayers are paying for, and it’s truly a joke! Take the rights away from the guilty, because have not the rights of the victims, whether it’s murder to simple vandalism been taken away? We cannot just keep on giving. We have to stand up and say to our M.P.’s and M.L.A.’s and say this is not fair, we pay the taxes and we have no rights! 15 or so years ago, I was walking home at about 10p.m. and three young men decided that they were going to take the wallet out of my back pocket. I surprised them, not only I did not have my wallet on me, I tried everything I could to avoid confrontation, but one of them jumped on my back and another punched me in the face. Survival mode kicked in, and I gave all 3 of them a licking. In fact I know for a fact that one of them to this day has back problems. Am I bragging? No I am not. In fact, I reported what happened to the R.C.M.P. the next day and I was told that 2 of these individuals had been in the night before and filed a complaint against me, because their other friend had to go for surgery on his back. In fact they stated that I had started the whole incident! They were all under 18! I told the officer that I didn’t think of asking them their age while they were trying to kick my head in. The officer knew the truth, but he said that they were indeed minors, and he told me to avoid them because of gang affiliation. I felt like hell, I all I did was try to protect myself and I almost got charged! Again, what about victims rights? Both my wife and I are born and bred Portagers, and for the first 16 years of marriage we lived in a nice older neighborhood in the north end. Our neighbours were great, it was the low life that passed through that we had a problem with. In those 16 years we had 2 vehicle thefts, 3 attempted vehicle thefts, 1 stolen motorcycle, 1 house invasion, 2 attempted home invasion, several vandalisms, etc…. We have been gone for over ten years and we miss our friends and families, but even when we just drive through it looks like it has got even worse. Just talking to those who I know still live there indeed it has got much worse. As long as the criminals have rights, the victims are going to find it harder to survive, and it’s only going to get worse. Remember, that you as a taxpayer have the rights to use the tools at your disposal. Contact your officials, whether it is Municipal, Provincial, or Federal and talk about your concerns. If you hear or see anything happen or about to happen, report it, if not to the police, but to the individuals that will be affected. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I now live in a community that we use a system where we all have “blocks” and pretty much all are involved or are onside. We warn each other as well report to the officials. It’s great community involvement, and we enjoy coming up with new ideas at our bi-yearly meetings. Some people have taken the view that these individuals don’t have anything to do. Let’s build more community centers, playgrounds etc… That’s very noble, but it just giving the criminals more places to cause problems to an individual or property. By the way, we truly miss the “Old Portage” that we grew up in. I am sorry for getting off topic, or did I?


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