The Hoop and Holler recently discovered archival photographs of a long forgotten portage la prairie crime fighter  from the 1970’s called THE CHICKEN MAN!  He takes responsibility for portage’s low crime rate and has remained active in the shadows.

While tracking him down, The Hoop and Holler discovered the location of his secret lair.  A place named in his honour- the chicken coops.  After much convincing, The Chicken Man agreed to talk to us on camera.  Here is the disturbing result.

Actually the photos are from the Tashiro Archives and highlight some classic Chicken Delight memorabilia.  The Chicken Man is the company mascot and he was known to cruise PlaP in his styling automobile.  Chicken Delights headquarters were located in Portage and it appears the company had a chicken aeroplane pictured below at the north end flying club.



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  1. ED Dillon

    Re picture of the gentleman standing in front of the airplane. The fellow on the far left is R.B “Dick” Earl who owned the franchise for Chicken Delight in Portage and a couple of other places. The aircraft was a Beech Bonaza that he had painted yellow with the figure of the chicken painted on each side. One morning when he went out to the airstrip to take the Bonaza for a flight he found that some of his fellow pilots had made a large white cylinder representing an egg and placed it under the fuselage of the airplane.


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