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Everyday or so we will have our path correspondent James (the s*** disturber) Kostuchuk, will provide updates on the path conditions along Crescent Lake and Tweet them out so make sure to follow our Twitter account (see the Twitter logo on this page and click it). If you can’t function the Twitter don’t worry, once a week we will compile the week’s report for your viewing enjoyment.  This is a link to our Twitter account. Click it, c’mon do it. Then follow us for more nonsense.

This week proved quite dangerous with thousands of Canadian Geese staging in Portage before the long flight south.



MONDAY, OCTOBER 6: Turds as far as the eye can see

Monday Path Conditions
























 Patches of greasy goose s***, otherwise normal walking conditions.

Geese blocking path on 7th. One nasty little falker will poke his beak at you.

Tuesday Path Conditions


















THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9: Extra crunchy from 12th to 8th, slippery to bridge. Cryptosporidium threat level RED

Thursday Path Conditions


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10: Avoid north side as the sweeper has created a poo ridge on the shoulder. Slippery and wet.

Friday Path Conditions

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  1. Steve Ash

    Give me a column!!! Please!!! Edit me all you want. PLEASE!!! lol.
    You guys are a blast.

    • Shane Neufeld

      We welcome submissions from anyone wanting to share the story that is Portage no matter how serious, funny or ridiculous. Most we will publish, some we will edit, others may be deleted. Since you are running for office I would recommend waiting until after the election. Thanks!


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