Unconfirmed sources have provided unsubstantiated reports of a north end woman becoming radicalized over the City of Portage la Prairie’s plan to start fogging for Mosquitos Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unreliable eyewitness falsely claim the woman, believed to be in her early thirties with long auburn hair, chained herself to the outfield fence at Beaver Stadium on Eighth Street N.W. in order to save a group of young baseball players from being fogged.  She mistook the order to fog against mosquitos as a direct threat to the ten and eleven-year-old baseball players who are called Mosquitos.fogger

“Since they(City Hall) put the brakes on the splash park, I thought this order to attack city mosquitos was an escalation in a plan to reduce recreational options in the north end,” said an unidentified but obviously impaired person about what the distraught woman said.

When the woman learned the plan was to start fogging(weather permitting) at 9:30pm Tuesday and Wednesday night and end by 6:00am she realized most mosquito ball players would be at home in bed by that time and decided to un-chain herself from the fence.  By this time she had experienced hundreds of mosquito bites and started to ask when the city was going to do something about the nuisance bugs.

Once her neighbour and dearest friend explained the fogging was for insects and not children, the woman became indignant rather than embarrassed.  She starting screaming, “Children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way!  Show them all the beauty they possess inside.” She broke into song, but it became apparent she was no Whitney Houston, as she messed up the lyrics and sang out of tune with no hope of hitting the high notes.

The woman then thought she would call the city at 204-239-8346 to ask them not to fog her house or the baseball diamonds but her kids stopped her by pointing out they would rather play without being eaten alive.

To be clear, the City of Portage is fogging for insect mosquitos Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30pm to 6:00am and you can call 204-239-8346 to request your property not be treated.  Tuesday will see the area south of the tracks but not including KoKo Platz or Mellenville fogged and Wednesday they will be in the north end, Koko and Mellenville.  All depends on the weather of course.

The woman is now said to be calm but unwilling to venture outside until the pesky mosquitos are dealt with.  She wishes to apologize to all those she troubled by her antics and understands the City decision on the splash park was nothing personal against the north end it was just financial.  She is also thinking about going to the next karaoke night at the Army and Navy.

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