Party Time

by Chester The City Hall Mouse

Well, that was some election, huh? And we got us a new leader at the ol’ castle. Which can mean only one thing for me: VITTLES!

See, ever four years they bring in a fancy shmancy judge to swear in a new council for another term. They bring in a reverend to say a prayer and give a word of blessing, and a couple a them fancy RCMP types stand there in their fancy jackets. Redcoats, I think they calls em. Best of all, they bring in some sweet treats for afterwards. First, the new mayor and the new councillors swear to be true and faithful and all that, so help them God. Their families look on proudly. The public is invited. I watch from behind a crack in the wall and wait patiently for the party to begin. And end.

Once the place is all dark and quiet, my own private party starts. Just me and whatever might have fallen on the floor during the festivities. And it ain’t just your basic run-uh-the-mill crumbs. I’m talkin’ about deluxe crumbs, the kind you get from Nanaimo bars, date squares, and the like. I can hardly wait. My whiskers are already twitchin.’

Reminds me of the time my ol’ Pops got elected to Mouse Council, except fer them poor ol’ field mice never had a clue what fine, sophisticated vittles taste like. They think it’s a feast if they have enough grains of oats fer everbody’s belly to get bloated. Then they lie around, patting their tummies and smilin’ like they hit the jackpot. They have no idea.

Ya’ll are invited to the Inaugural ceremony at City Hall Monday, October 27, at 7:00. There’ll be vittles. And don’t worry about droppin’ lots on the carpet.

If ya ask me, there should be a new Council every four months. Not that anyone’s askin.’

All for this time,


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