Did ya hear? Our City launched a brand new logo!

I wasn’t sure what a logo was, but I got me some big ears and I heard them talkin’ about it fer a long time. Low go? I thought. Why, that sounded like they was talkin’ about ME! I can go like the dickens, and I’m pert near as low as anyone can go.

Not countin’ snakes, but them things give me the heebie-jeebies. Almost as bad as cats. So I edjumacated myself about logo. It’s short for “logotype,” which comes from the Greek words, logos for “word,” and typos, for “imprint.” Guess that old dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding was right when he claimed every word could be traced back to the Greeks.

Wonder if he was right about Windex curing everything? I should sneak into the janitor’s closet and try it on my blistered paw. Got me a blister from tappin’ away on the computer, finding out what a logo was.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Portage la Prairie held a contest and got itself a new logo, and a first-rate one it is. Nice little picture of some bull rushes (some people call ‘em cat tails, but them people should be shot) with the words “City of Possibilities.” I don’t know about you, but I find my own personal possibilities in this town endless.

For example, there’s a strong possibility I may have attended the free barbecue the City hosted on Wednesday to celebrate the launch of the new logo and there’s a strong possibility I dragged enough crumbs back to City Hall to keep me in vittles awhile.

There’s a real possibility the cat down the street saw me, but I outsmarted him and his tail because I’m clever like that. You can check out the new logo on all the City vehicles as they drive around town, and on the newly launched website: www.city-plap.com .

All for this time,


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