Mouse kissy kiss.

Mouse kissy kiss.

There’s been some kinda crazy flurry of activity around City Hall this past week. Them ladies in the front office are like flies on a rabbit carcass, what with their sortin’ and stackin’ and stuffin’ envelopes like there was no tomorrow. Ol’ Chester got kinda curious, I’ll admit. I never seen such a big stack of perfectly proportioned nesting material in my life. Stacks and stacks of it, ever single sheet going into its own little envelope. Whatever for? I just had to know.

It was hard to be patient, but I value my tail and my life. So I bided my time ‘til after closing, then I climbed the leg of wunna them desks so I could get me a better look at what all that paperwork was about. And there, right across the top, in big bold letters, it said “2014 PROPERTY TAX BILL.” And ever single one of ‘em’s got a different name and address on it. Looks like all them tax bills are goin’ through the postage machine and gettin’ carried on outta here.

And there, right across the top, in big bold letters, it said “2014 PROPERTY TAX BILL.”

Well, what on earth is a Tax Bill, that’s what I wanna know. And how come I don’t get one?

When God was handin’ out bills, I got in line but he only had enough for the ducks. Oh, and the platypuses. And when my parents was handin’ out names to the litter, I was third in line so I missed ‘Bill’ by one spot. There was Artimus, Bill, me, Darlene, Earnest, Feona, Gloria, Hershel, and Ivan. We were Mama’s first litter, and the smallest. With the next litter, they picked up with the letter J and continued from there. Stickin’ to alphabetical order, mom and pop ended up with the most literate offspring in the whole wheat field.

Anyway, what was my point? Oh yeah. I always miss out when it comes to bills. I hope you enjoy yours when it arrives, and if ya have trouble feelin’ jovial about it, just remember—if ya get a tax bill, it means ya got a roof over yer head and a place to hide yer cheese.

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