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AMHS year book photo.

Did the inspiration for Captain Canuck come during a daydreaming session at Arthur Meighen High School in the mid to late sixties?  Richard Comely, creator of Captain Canuck, attended AMHS from 1965 until he graduated in 1968.  Seven years later he introduced the world to Canada’s most famous superhero.

Richard Comely AMHS Grad & Captain Canuck creator

AMHS Yearbook photo of Richard Comely, Captain Canuck creator

PCI history teacher, James Kostachuk, pointed out the forgotten fact to the HnH writers.  Comely is a celebrated alumni and a display of his accomplishments is housed in the now amalgamated PCI high school.

Year books from the era indicate Richard Comely was well on his way to becoming a renowned artist as a teenager.  His ambition is listed as “to own the biggest art studio in the world” and his ultimate fate was to become a “beatnik artist”.  Comley’s favourite pass time was noted as “doodling” and  he was “always seen drawing pictures or getting a late slip”.  Comely’s Facebook page indicates Portage as his home town and school records show he lived around the Gainsborough area for at least some of his time here.

Maybe some of those class time sketches included initial drawings of our national superhero or perhaps he was too distracted the first time he thought of Captain Canuck to get to class on time.

Comley moved on to Winnipeg, where he borrowed money to publish the Captain Canuck series independently, printing 200,000 copies of the first issue.  The series has sold over 2 million copies in total and currently boasts a web-series and a movie in development with a major studio.  The National Archives of Canada purchased most of the original artwork because of it’s cultural significance.

If you are a Captain Canuck fan or would like the latest instalment get to the Portage Mall Saturday, June 28 and ask a retailer for a free First Annual Canada Day Edition.  You can also find out more at their website at Captain Canuck Website.


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