On October 30th, The creator of Captain Canuck, Richard Comely was back home here in Portage la Prairie.  He and Fadi Hakim, producer of Captain Canuck The Animated Web Series were on their way to C4 – Central Canada Comic Con in Winnipeg . Together they gave four workshops at PCI on drawing and animation and sat down for an interview with The Hoop and Holler at the Portage la Prairie Regional Library.


We got a chance to tag along and sit down with the creative team as they went about their day.  Here’s a quick look at the day and into some of the Captain Canuck universe.

You can get all your Captain Canuck info over at: captaincanuck.com


And here is some previous story links The Hoop and Holler did on the Captain Canuck  and the Richard Comely Portage connection:

Captain Canuck creator from Portage la Prairie – Richard going to school here at PCI and Arthur Meighen

Ran Out of Money in Portage la Prairie – An interview with Richard about his early days in Portage la Prairie and Gainsbourough. Tales of his mother, the acclaimed author Molly Douglas and and updates on upcoming CC projects.

Can a Canadian superhero save the Mall? – This story is where we started to become aware of the Captain Canuck/Richard Comely connection to town.

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