Sightings from the Top: Cabbage Leaves

by Terrie Todd

On my walk home today over the Tupper Street overpass, I saw a cabbage leaf. Since a cabbage leaf is biodegradable, I decided to leave it there. Besides, my face was freezing. I should have picked it up and brought it home, along with the two or three others I spotted as I continued on. I could have made coleslaw or holubschi for supper.

I have some ideas about how the cabbage got there. You can be the judge of which is most likely.

1. Someone got really hungry on their drive between grocery shopping and dropping the kids off at hockey. The kids hadn’t had a snack yet. Mom reached into the nearest bag and yanked out the first thing she touched—a head of cabbage. As the oldest child tore off leaves and handed them around, the youngest threw his share out the window.

2. The City has decided to decorate for the holidays with cabbage leaves this year instead of the more traditional fake holly, ivy, and pine. That way, they can save bundles when it comes time to undecorate. They’ll just let the birds, squirrels, and gophers eat the cabbage and what remains will eventually biodegrade into the soil.

3. A couple of young adventurers set out on an adventure from the north end to downtown Portage la Prairie. Having just been read the story of Hansel and Gretel and wanting to be cautious, but finding no bread crumbs in the house and being unaware that bread crumbs are easily made from a piece of bread, they grabbed cabbage instead and dropped the leaves along their journey so they could find their way home again.

It’s just three theories, mind you. But to say the leaves dropped from a farm truck as it passed by is just plain boring.

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