While other media outlets may have news spotters that provide breaking news tips, The Hoop and Holler is proud to have it’s viewers provide outdoor furniture tips.

Monday morning one of our regular viewers spotted this one-of-a-kind recliner next to the Trans Canada Highway just east of the diversion channel not too far from Simplot.

Now the easy explanation as to how it arrived there would be that it fell off a vehicle and was left by dim witted people but The Hoop and Holler never settles for the easy way of explaining things.

The Hoop offers a few more ideas on how the recliner came to be.

Perhaps it was set up by someone wanting to watch the cars go by in a front row seat – a Portage la Prairie version of car spotting.

Or more likely it was part of an alien abduction where the victim was taken up to the mother ship in their Lazy-boy. The aliens, having no use for sub-par furniture, spit the chair out and it landed next to the highway.

Another theory is that the trend of outdoor couches and tubs in the Portage area is now being expanded to include chairs, specifically, recliners.

The Hoop and Holler is committed to staying on this story and will bring you updates on furniture and garbage of all descriptions that are discovered in and around town.

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