Sightings from the Top: RBG’s handiwork

by Terrie Todd

The signage on the overpass has been decorated with the initials RBG. I don’t know why, but I have a theory.IMG_1771

In the early 1960’s, a young Robert Barrington Greystone the Third ran for City Council. Although only 21 years of age, Robert (or Bobby, as his family referred to him) believed he would be a shoe-in. After all, his family was the wealthiest in town. His father was well-loved and his mother was the envy of every housewife in Portage la Prairie. Besides, with his wavy dark hair, dimpled chin, and fine physique, Bobby knew his looks alone would get him anywhere he cared to go.

And he cared to go to the top. All the way to the Prime Minister’s office, to be exact. But Bobby knew he’d have to pay his dues by starting with lowly local government, at least for one term. After that, his popularity would no doubt rocket him to Ottawa in one flash of his flawless, toothy smile. He threw his hat into the ring and ran on a platform of seeing a bridge built across the railroad tracks in Portage la Prairie. It would forever close the great divide between north and south, ending the long wait for trains that discouraged folks from living on the opposite side from where they worked. The bridge would be on Royal Road and would be named Greystone Bridge, after himself of course. His legendary efforts would be renowned for generations to come.

IMG_1773Alas, Bobby did not earn enough votes to serve on Council. While those who did went on to create the Skyline Bridge on Tupper Street in 1964, Bobby slipped into obscurity, anger, and resentment. Today, Robert Barrington Greystone is a bitter, 75-year old wino with nothing but a can of spray paint in his hand and a monumental chip on his shoulder.

It’s just a theory, mind you. But I’d be watching out for Bobby’s spray paint can if I were you.

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  1. greg

    I would like to take the useless little prick by the back of the head and use his face as an eraser and clean that garbage up.


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