The Hoop and Holler is a media company that makes, The Hoop and Holler Magazine as well as other projects.

The Hoop and Holler website and magazine are hyper-local, which means they are focused like a laser on Portage and area. It also means we are 100% locally owned and operated. The owners and creators live and work right here in Portage la Prairie. HnH is not part of some larger regional, national or multinational corporation taking money out of our town, we are keeping it local.

The Hoop and Holler aims to tell the story that is Portage and area. Local goings on, people, places, history, music, art, writing, sports, and anything else that Portage la Prairians and their neighbours find interesting will be featured on The Hoop and Holler. We do not view the local newspaper and radio stations as competition but as important parts to a vibrant community. Local media voices are vital to a healthy dialogue and we hope to add to the range of stories being told and bring our town closer together.

The name Hoop and Holler was picked for a variety of reasons. Mainly, because it is fun. Historically, the Hoop and Holler was a dance hall/barn near the crazy curve on the 331 highway just southeast of Portage. Another explanation for the name is that wagon trains on the old cart path used to have to make a lot of noise so anyone coming around the sharp bend would know they were coming. We like both those explanations. We’d like The Hoop and Holler to be a celebration of Portage and area, as well as a means for us to make some noise for what makes this area great. I guess you could say we’d like to make Portage and area famous. So let’s “Hoop and Holler” about where we live and what we do!


Proud former MTNers Shane and Bill.

So who is behind this madness? Well, three gentlemen (term used loosely), who met setting up and running a TV station well over a decade ago named Donald Monkman, William Plenty and Shane Neufeld. Both Shane and William are pretty much Portage lifers being born, raised and held captive here for more than four decades each. Don is a Manitoba boy who has recently picked Portage as his new hometown. Combined, the three have over 60 years of media experience, which just means they are old.

The Hoop and Holler will also be drawing on the resources of local writers, photographers, musicians, artists and various other contributors to give our audience a more complete Portage experience. Feel free to contact us if you have an idea or would like to join our team of contributors.

The Hoop and Holler is in the advertising and marketing business and we welcome sponsors and advertisers for the website, magazine and all other projects. We also offer production services for web, video and print as well as design, marketing and strategy services for all sizes of clients and budgets.

Whether you are a loyal viewer, advertiser or a contributor our hope is that you have fun with The Hoop and Holler.