9.  Tired of getting what you DIDN’T WANT?

This Christmas spell it out for the clueless gift givers. Send out Christmas Cards with the specifics on them…no more excuses …this eliminates the embarrassment your poor clueless family members feel when you have to re-gift the gift they gave you. Sometimes it is more than the thought that counts. Cards like this are a tactful way of saying “try a little harder next time”. Take a look at this video


8. Buy yourself the iPhone 6.

It is not call the “I”Phone  for no reason. You can spend the Christmas season ignoring relatives and staring at its beautiful screen of digital distraction while the drone of forced conversation slowly ebbs into the background…ahhhh.


7. Buy a goat for a family in Africa.

While this sounds totally unselfish this is a great gift to give that annoying neighbor, selfish relative or demanding teenager it can set you up to look great, while sticking it to them.  The “goat” is the new “socks” of Christmas gifts.


6. Gift Cards for Everyone.

Buy the $50 gift card for the relatives you like and $5 cards for the ones you don’t… but write $50 on all of them. This works especially well if you can’t make that family gathering you have been dreading since last year.  Just give them to your craziest relative to distribute for you.  All you have to do is sit back and watch the fur fly.


5. Volunteer to host Christmas Dinner.

When your “guests” arrive inform them you have seen the “light” and are now a Gluten-Free Vegan. The Tofu turkey and meat/ grain free meatballs are guaranteed to give you a permanent “pass” on hosting again. SCORE!


4. Volunteer at the local Thrift Store in December.

Ask…no DEMAND, to be put on the sorting crew. This gives you first dibs on all donations coming in. Glean the best for friends and family….if this isn’t a win–win I don’t know what is. Cheap gifts and you look like a rock star. You can now start all conversations with “While I was volunteering at the thrift store…”


3. Volunteer to record your nephews Christmas Concert.

Then invite him over to edit it “with” you, (he is probably better at it anyways…right?)when he is done then burn 20 copies for all the relatives. Wrap them up and put both of your names on it. You are good as gold! …nobody is going to criticize the little guy’s handi-work.

Price 20 DVDs $10, Money saved $500+, Trip to Mexico in February for yours truly…Priceless.


2. Use Facebook instead of sending Christmas cards

Instead of sending Christmas Cards this year Login to Facebook and “LIKE” random photos on your lonely aunt’s facebook page. Leave some gratuitous comments on the pics of her and her daughter….”Who is the mother in this pic!” or pics of her precious dog Buttons post ““What a beautiful Dog” … guaranteed when you don’t have anything to bring to Christmas Dinner you can count on her covering for you by bringing that extra pie.


1. *Buy a Raise and Save Coupon Book.

You can look like a champ by buying one to support your nephews hockey team or 4H club all the while saving hundreds on post-Christmas purchases …more for that Mexico trip.  CHA-CHING!

*We at the HnH are not above paying it backward ourselves.


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