Why you should watch the Jets on TV rather than go to a Terrier game.

Some local hockey fans are choosing to stay home and watch their local NHL team make a run for the playoffs rather than watch their local junior team dominate their league live.

In what some have described as “boring” hockey the Portage Terriers have rolled over opponents all year losing only one game in regulation while the NHL Jets have scratched and clawed their way to a slightly better than 500 record.  So it’s no wonder so many have opted to stay home.

Here is a comparison in stats of the two teams as of Nov. 18,2014


# Terriers VS Jets Terriers Jets
1 Record 25-1-1 9-7-3
2 Winning % .944 .553
3 Goal Differential +79 -5
4 Standings #1(league and country) #15
5 Scoring 8 players in top 15 0 players in top 50
6 Ticket Price $5-12 $45-145
7 Overall Dominance Mediocrity
8 Outlook Host National Championship Might make playoffs

Why go see a team who are ranked number one in their league and the country, who you know will likely win, when you can watch a less exciting style of hockey where the outcome hangs in the balance most nights?

Low scoring, one-goal games are the hallmark of the Jets this season while the Terriers score an average of almost 5 goals a game while giving up less than 2 per game.  As a result the Terriers boast 8 players in the top 15 scorers while the Jets don’t have a skater in the top 50.

The Terriers dominance is so profound they have more wins than Neepawa, Selkirk and Wayway combined and have scored almost twice as many goals as half the teams in the league.  They are ranked number 1 out of 129 teams in the country while the Jets currently sit around 15th in the 30 team NHL.

No wonder the Jet’s battle to eek out a playoff spot so often usurps the Terriers display of utter superiority for those local hockey fans.  With the local team hosting the national championship this year and looking like one of the best team ever assembled in green and white, and with the Jet’s nearly impossible task of making the Stanley Cup makes the decision as what to watch even easier.  One team may be one of the best in decades and a potential national champion while the other hopes to make the playoffs if all goes well.  One could be making history while the other is making progress.  So which will you watch?


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