Here are some alternative deals we’d like to see offered next year in Portage for Black Friday.


1.  Kitson’s Towing – 50% off the towing of a vehicle from your lawn.


 2.  Prairie Tan – 50% darker tan .  “Cure for the common farmer’s tan”


 3.  Ian’s Hardware – 50% Blacker Paint


 4.  Gail-Lyn’s Fashion –  A Little Black Dress – Half Off


 5.  Off The Top (Barber shop) – 25% more off the top (black hair only)


 6.  Portage Mall – 75% off empty space and free bottles of air


7.  The Hoop & Holler – Free 15 minute nap on beat up sofa


 8.  City of Portage – 50% off speed limits to make getting around town even slower


9.  Portage General Hospital – 50% off wait time in the E.R.

old portage hospital








10.  M.C.C. Thrift Store – 50% off used underwear – a little more use for a lot less from downtown Portage’s biggest retailer


 11.  C.N. & C.P. rail – 50% fewer trains carrying oil – help reduce the chance of a disaster by half in the only place in Canada the two main line’s cross.

bitumen rail cars

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  1. Jim Uttley

    You guys have got a great website. Did you ever get your hard copy edition out? Here’s a suggestion. Put a date on the website and put a newsfeed. It doesn’t only have to be news from Portage. I’m sure Portage residents and those on the farms and villages around Portage would be interested in what’s going on in the big world around them.


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